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  A selection of African birds photographed in various countries and National Parks throughout the continent.  



Lilac Breasted Roller (coratias caudata)

  Goliath Heron (ardea goliath)
Grey Headed Kingfisher (halcyon leucocephala)   Pale Chanting Goshawk (melierax canorus)
Tawny Eagle (aquila rapex)   Tawny Eagle (aquila rapex
Bateleur Eagle (juvenile) (terathopius ecaudatus)   Hamerkop (scopus umbretta)
Little Bee Eater (meropus pussilus)   Pied Kingfisher (ceryle rudis)
Pied Kingfisher (ceryle rudis)   White Backed Vulture (gyps bengalenses)
Yellow Billed Hornbill (tokus flavirostris)   Squacco Heron (ardeola ralloides)
African Green Wood Hoopoe (phoeniculus purpurus wiki)   African Hoopoe (epops wiki)
Tawny Eagle (aquila rapex)   Yellow Billed Hornbill (tokus flavirostris)


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