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A A sample of galleries from my trips can be found by following the links below or by clicking on the maps

Back to Africa in April 2013 for a 7 week trip to Zambia and South Africa. My main objective was to photograph the incredible wildlife of the South Luangwa Valley National Park in Zambia and with guides to track and photograph the most secretive of the big cats, the Leopard.
The Luangwa Valley is considered to have one of the highest densities of leopards anywhere on the planet.


All rivers on the eastern side of the Andes flow into the mighty Amazon River. My seven week trip through Bolivia and Peru to explore the Amazon river and rainforest included a 5 mile climb to the magnificent Inca ruins of Machu Picchu.

Amazon map
Brian White

I crossed the Andes mountains from Peru into Bolivia using public transport to arrive at the highest capital city in the world - La Paz, then took a trip by mountain bike on the infamous Death Road.

In the upper Amazon Basin lies the Madidi National Park where using local guides I could explore just a small part of this vast dense rainforest area. A few days in the Manu National Park in Peru and a trip to the Colca Canyon home of the Andean Condor concluded a memorable journey.


Travels through the countries of South East Asia using the extensive public transport system of each of the countries enabling me to produce images of the people, landscape
and wildlife from the rural backwaters of the mighty Mekong river to the frenetic pace of
life in the vibrant modern cities.

Brian White
Contrasting the ancient Hindu and Buddhist temples of Angkor Wat and the conflicts of
the recent past from the Killing fields of Pol Pot's regime in Cambodia and the Vietnam
war of the 1960's and 70's with the United States of America.
My most recent photographic journey was an expedition to Southern Africa with Ian Lomax. Ian was originally from my home town of Bolton but now resides in Cape Town, South Africa.

From March to May 2008 we travelled approximately 8,000 miles through northwest South Africa and the Kalahari Desert, crossing into Namibia, and across the vast sand dunes of the Namib Desert to the Kakoveld district of northern Namibia to visit and photograph the semi nomadic Himba tribe. From there we followed the Caprivi Strip to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, and then into and across Botswana and the huge game reserves of Chobe National Park and Savuti. We continued on to the Moremi Game Reserve, finally returning back across the Kalahari Desert into South Africa and back down to Cape Town.

A journey into Central and East Africa, trekking in the central African country of Rwanda to photograph the disappearing and threatened mountain gorilla's of the Volcanoes National Park and into Uganda to photograph the people in the villages and capital city Kampala.

Travelling then onto the great plains of East Africa on safari in Tanzania to photograph the fantastic wildlife of the Lake Manyara - N'Gorogoro - Serengeti National Parks and the tribal people of the Masai.

A photographic collection of a series of journeys I have made through India

I travelled mostly by public transport using trains, buses and rickshaws to arrive at my destination and then walked through the many cities, towns and villages to capture the fascinating kaleidoscope of colour of the people, places and wildlife throughout the Indian subcontinent.


A photographic trip to the Kingdom of Nepal; using public transport to visit its people and temples, the medieval streets of Khatmandu and Bhaktpur, to the foothills of the Himalaya and Anapurna mountains in the Pokhara region.

I visited the villages of the Terai and and photographed some of the wildlife of the Chitwan National Park, home of the Asian rhinoceros and the Marsh Mugger and Garhial crocodiles.

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