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South Luangwa is the premium national park in Zambia.

The reserve is located to the east of the country and extends to just over 9000 square kilometres, measuring around 170km NS by 60km EW.


The largely flat valley floor is dominated by the Luangwa river, which meanders a slow course from north to south on its way towards a confluence with the Zambezi 250km to the south. Over millennia the river has flooded to create rich open grasslands and meandered to leave a network of impressive oxbow lakes.







South Luangwa provides is one of the best gameviewing locations on the continent.








The Zambezi is Africa’s fourth largest River system, after the Nile, Zaire and Niger Rivers.

It is one of the most unspoilt and best-protected rivers on the continent and home to much of Zambia’s wildlife. 

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